UNHCR provides water reservoir to create peaceful co-existence in Jonglei state

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[Bor, South Sudan, TCT] – The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), an Agency of UN in partnership with Humane Development Consortium (HDC) supporting refugees along with other humanitarian partners this week inaugurated a 2,000 square meter water reservoir constructed for the communities in Wangulei in Twic East county of Jonglei State.

The Water Reservoir constructed through funding from European Union (EU) under the output of peaceful co-existence among the local communities was officially handed over to the local authorities in the area last week.

In a statement seen by TCT, UNHCR Bor office said the project will address scarcity of water during dry seasons and to reduce water point tensions among the locals.

“The water reservoir is supporting over 8,000-15,000 herds of cattle with lack of water during the dry season [a situation that normally contributes to] causing problems and tension among communities in search of water’’ reads the statement.

The UN refugee agency noted that there will be no much movement of pastoralists away from homes in search for water sources. According to the statement, it emphasized the importancy of the reservoir citing that the construction of the water reservoir, will help women reduce travelling to long distances in search of water, but they can spend more time working on other meaningful activities to support their families.

UNHCR said the availability of such water reservoir will ensure a contribution that reduces cases of cattle raiding and child abduction.

The handing over ceremony was attended by a large crowd of jubilant community members that include women leaders, head chiefs and the five commissioners of the greater Twic East. The women, chiefs and elders of the community considered that the water reservoir is vital, and will be a basis for peaceful co-existence in uniting communities to live in harmony.

The water reservoir or Haffir in Arabic was named ‘Manyang Haffir’ with ‘Manyang being the color of the bull that was slaughtered during the ceremony as symbol of unity based on the traditional legend.

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