91 women recieved skills training in Yei

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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] Ninety one (91) women in Yei, Central Equatoria state have graduated in different disciplines. The women underwent 12-months training in capacity building and practical courses, they attained skills and knowledge on business management, social networking, human rights, health and farming. The training was funded and carried out by the organization Women for Women International. Susan, a beneficiary of the training, told TCT that she learned budgeting and health maintenance skills. “Now, I don’t wait for money from my husband because I am now able to look for income generating activities and budget what I earn regularly. I have the rights now to speak in front of people. This has really relieved women from being restricted by men at home, in the church or in the public because of their dependency”, she said. Speaking to TCT, a trainer Madam Rejoice Poni said the women were trained in areas that will help them to improve their family livelihood and to support their children’s education. “We train them on different topics so that women can be able to get money for businesses and pay their children’s school fees”, said Poni. The organization offered training to the women in other necessary areas including HIV and AIDs, family planning, nutrition, and how to deal with stress, said Poni. Addressing graduation ceremony, Agnes Comfort, the country director of Women for Women international, says it is time for the women to practice the knowledge and skills gained, as well as to play an outreach role of educating other women who did not attend such trainings. Agnes believes the course has empowered women in decision-making and savings to reduce dependency syndrome. “Do not say women for women, say we women have our full right but approach it in a right way”, she said. She said the women will work in groups so that they get support. The organization will still seek to enroll more women next year, but will be dependent on turn out. Agnes added that the program will also cover areas of Yei River County. “My team will come and sit with the chairpersons and boma chiefs to deliberate on how more women can enroll. Because women for women cannot enroll less than 50, but if we get a number more than 50 then we will enroll”, she revealed. In the graduation was Mr. Santo Paul Lasuba, Yei municipal mayor, who said that the next trainings should include first aid as respond to accidents. “A woman should be educated on how to respond to a child with broken leg or injury”, he urged. Adult education is an important illiteracy eradication policy that those who did not go to school or dropped out need to rejoin. “Age isn’t a good reason to stop learning, because education is an ageless opportunity”, said Mayor. Mayor urged his fellow men to let their wives attend such education, but also challenged women to be open to their spouses on the course to avoid family conflicts. He encouraged group work among women and with men. “Let us also respect our women and support them. We as government, with our partners, are working to have adult education for women who are organized and committed to learn must be given opportunity”, he said. This is second training, Last month; Women for Women International graduated over 600 women in different skills in Yei. While about 300 are on training now in Yei County’s libogo and Morobo Counties.
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