UN helps government builds juvenile center in Juba

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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] - UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General, Moustapha Soumaré, and South Sudan’s Interior Minister, Michael Chienjiek, have laid groundwork to establish the country’s Juvenile Reformatory Centre (JRC) in Juba. The set project is part of ongoing technical cooperation between the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the South Sudan National Prisons Service. The laid foundation will result in the conversion, renovation, and refurbishment of one of Juba Central Prison’s buildings into a fully functioning JRC.

The project will provide a separate living environment for children in line with international best practices.

The juveniles will be in a more conducive environment to receive support to reintegrate them into society.

“UNMISS Rule of Law and Child Protection Units stand ready to partner with the government and the prison service in addressing issues related to juvenile detention and rehabilitation,” said Soumaré.

He also promised UNMISS support to continue advocating for much-needed vocational skills and education training programs that will assist the children to fully reintegrate into society.

“We hope that establishing this facility in Juba will serve as a model that can be replicated to serve other children in conflict with the law in other parts of the country,’’ the UN official said.

The project will be implemented by the South Sudanese NGO, Charity Aid for Development and Emergency
The Hon. Minister of Interior thanked UNMISS for its continuing support and underscored the importance of continuing to partner to achieve the shared vision of a safe, secure, and humane juvenile justice system. “The JRC is an important milestone on this path,” he said.

Since South Sudan gained her independence from Khartoum, there has been no children centers established to accommodate the youngsters serving in jails for various reasons. When completed, the JRC will allow 90 children in conflict with the law while awaiting trial or serving their sentences to be safely and securely housed separate from adult offenders.


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