“We are bringing peace, “says Mama Nyandeng

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[Juba, South Sudan, TCT] A widow of the late Dr. John Garang De Mabior, commonly known as Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, arrived in South Sudan on Friday morning for hope to give peace a boost. Window Rebecca Nyandeng, widely regarded as the mother of South Sudan, said that she was pleased and humbled to be back in her mother-land after 22 months of exile. Madam Nyandeng, who shed tears at the Mausoleum where Dr. Garang was laid to rest lamented and offers prayers at the tomb, emphasizing the importance of peace in the country. She noted that peace is not just best for individuals but for all people of South Sudan. “I came with all the blessing; I came with your sons, sons of this land who fought vigorously for this country,” Widow Nyandeng said.” I want the God of South Sudan to receive them for peace to reign in south Sudan”, she lamented Widow Nyandeng expressed that if people of South Sudan believe that Dr. John Garang is the Father of the Nation then also she is the Mother of the Nation. She mentioned that there is nothing else she needs apart from people of South Sudan to have peace, so that they will be able to repair their torn unity and harmony. “This is what I want. There is nothing else I want. It is this country that John Garang and others died for, and it is for these people that I want peace; they will enjoy nothing but peace. So all of us came and we are bringing peace, there is nothing else that we are bringing,” she stated while shedding tears. “We are asking God of South Sudan to give us all the strength we need to implement this peace. This peace was not brought by individuals but by God, for the people of South Sudan.” She stressed with emotions. Nyandeng said there will be no more suffering to the people of South Sudan if peace is accepted and embraced in the country Madam Rebecca Nyandeng’s visit coincides with the arrival of other former political detainees. They included General Oyai Deng Ajak, Dr. Majak d’Agot, Madut Biar, Deng Alor Kuol, John Luk Jok, Kosti Manibe whereas, Crino Hiteng, Eng.Chol Tong Mayai, Gier Chuong Aluong. Pagun Amum Okiech will also join the team to team after his visit to the United States. Former detainees applauded the government The spokesperson of the group, John Luk Jok, applauded the Government for its warm reception. He emphasized that the group of former political detainees has come home finally so that peace will prevail in the country. Luk said the purpose of their return to the country is to participate in the implementation of the peace agreement that was signed on 17th and 26th of August, 2015 by President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, including their leaders Pagun Amum among others stakeholders. He explained that there was no any other genuine reason for them to stay out the country, since it is their responsibility as leaders to implement the peace accord. “it is an historic responsibility for leaders, because in that peace agreement, we have committed ourselves to stop this war that has killed so many of our people, and work for reconciliation as we implement the peace agreement,” Luk told the press upon his arrival at Juba International Airport. While addressing the press at Juba International Airport, Luk reiterated that it is the collective responsibility of all people of South Sudan to work to reconcile the people and unite them so that life can return to normal. He added that it is important for them as leaders to work hard once again so that the country is not look at or considered a “sick country”. “It is our duty as leaders, as people of South Sudan to tell the world that we are capable of implementing this peace agreement very genuinely and committed,” he noted. He praised international community for supporting South Sudan to reach the peace agreement that was signed in Addis Ababa and Juba. He also urged the people of South Sudan, and particularly the Government, SPLM/A-IO and other stakeholders including the former detainees to accomplish the remaining tasks by uniting their ranks and leaving behind the bitterness of history of the last 22 months to move the country into harmony and prosperity. Meanwhile, Michael Makuei, Government Spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting, said the Government and its people welcome and thank the team of former political detainees for finally returned home. “We welcome them very highly and we wish them a happy stay,” Makuei told the press upon the arrivals of the team at Juba international Airport. He said it is worth mentioning that their coming is in line with the implementation of the agreement. Makuei concluded that the implementation of peace agreement is no longer at Addis Ababa but is in South Sudan. He appealed to all other parties to follow soon and join in the implementation of peace process.
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