Ugandan Bishop calls on South Sudanese leaders to work together to end conflict

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[Juba, South Sudan TCT] – Roman Catholic Archbishop of Gulu in Northern Uganda, John Baptist Odama has called on all South Sudanese leaders to promote peaceful coexistence among different ethnic communities for peace and stability to be realized in the country.

Speaking during Palm Sunday service in Juba, Archbishop Odama appealed to South Sudanese both political and Christian leaders to work together to end the conflict that has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people.

‘’Be one, hold your hands together as Christians. If one person is killed, don’t just think it is Catholic, Anglican or Presbyterian, Lutheran or Africa Inland mission. No, it is a Christian killed. Be united as South Sudanese and move together,’’ said Odama .

The Archbishop urged Christians of all denominations to jointly work collectively to play a crucial role in bringing peace and stability to the country.

‘“Remain together as brothers and sisters in peace. That is what you desire, and that is our wish in Uganda and the whole world" Archbishop added.

He said the church should take the lead in encouraging South Sudanese refugees to continue praying for peace to prevail in their country. He further noted that his church and the people of Uganda are in solidarity with the people of South Sudan throughout the difficult times.

‘’I will always share the pain with you. We are in solidarity with you. It is like this, when there is a death in your brother’s home, you go there to gather and wipe your tears and work together. That is why am here representing the people of Uganda,’’ the Archbishop told the faithful.

The catholic prelate added that peace in South Sudan is good for the whole of Africa; the whole of humanity and more so in his country, Uganda.

Archbishop John was among the ecumenical group that met Pope Francis in the Vatican last week. The delegation and the pontiff deliberated and explored ways of resolving the conflict in South Sudan.


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