Women with disabilities appeal for equal opportunity in South Sudan

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[Morobo, South Sudan, TCT] The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was held under the theme “inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities matters”. Women with disabilities in Morobo County in Central Equatoria State urged the government and partners to consider giving them equal opportunities for empowerment. Speaking on behalf of women with disabilities last week, the representative madam Charity Beauance said that women are asking for capacity building, such as leadership and vocational training, in the areas of tailoring, business and handcrafts, to promote empowerment and self-reliance. The message of state women with disability, read by Charity Beauance, called on the government, organizations and community leaders to promote, protect and respect the dignity of women with disabilities. “The communities are not recognizing women with disabilities as a part of the community”, Charity read. People with disabilities face multiple discriminations with no representation in top government as part of the 25% affirmative action granted for women in general. “We are not given full participation in the society on an equal basis with others. Therefore, we did not benefit from percentage that was given to women as affirmative action in 2005 during the CPA”, she said. According to Apayi Zabibu, the Inspector of Gender and Social Development, the budget for people with disabilities should be clearly defined in the ministry for all the six counties in the state. “We want a very clear budget that should indicated in the ministry how to cater for people with disabilities”, said Apayi. Apayi urged nongovernmental organizations to empower the associations of persons with disabilities and provide them with skills so that they become self-sufficient. “By the time your projects will end, you will be able to leave these people behind, and they will be doing a lot of activities. But when you go and you have not empowered them, it means you have done nothing. Please empower persons with disabilities at the county levels”, she said.

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