The Story of Moses: Strenght from God

Inspiration-Lessons of Hope for South Sudan
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That great story of Moses, I love it. One thing we get from it is how to face our daily 'battles'/conflicts'/war/' of any magnitude. Moses was honest with God; he acknowledged that he couldn't meet Pharaoh head-on on his human strength. So, God gave him spiritual strength; the rod that could turn into a big snake, with which he later parted the red sea to create a way for the Israelites to run from slavery to freedom. In addition to spiritual strength, note that God gave a companion to Moses; Aron, his brother, later his spokesman before Pharaoh. Two issues can be quickly drawn from here concerning how we ought to approach every war/battle/conflict we face on planet earth. First, we must avoid blame-game, which is mostly used by Satan as a tactic to confuse, scatter and cause conflict among God's children. Instead, we should honestly acknowledge our contribution to any failure/battle/weaknesses/sin-and-repent them before God. Here ones' repentance is a major step towards success. God is holy, and He requires us to walk in holiness (not grumblings) before Him, just as He had instructed the Israelites to do (Lev. 15.44). Second, while recognizing that the 'war' we are faced with is more spiritual than physical though it is manifested physically, we engage spiritual (Eph; salvation, faith, word of God and, fervent prayer Eph.6.10-12) rather than physical weapons. A critical mind could ask; doesn't this mean that we evade all consultative efforts whenever we have a conflict? Not at all!! Rather, the point emphasised here is that as we consult/discuss/work out solutions, it is crucial to realize that without acknowledging our contributions to the 'battle' and inviting God's word to offer direction, some protracted conflicts may never be won easily.


The Rev. Ferdinand Mbwangi is Anglican priest from Anglican Church of Kenya and currently PhD student at University of Cape Town, South Africa

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