Couple weds in church after 32 years in marriage

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[Yei, South Sudan, TCT] Married back in 1984, Charles Gaba and Jane Dawa decided to take the sacrament of holy matrimony on Sunday to cement their marriage at St. Daniel Comboni Chapel in Yei.

“I’m happy that I have stayed with him for this long,” Jane told TCT after taking the matrimonial vows.

“It was God who put this in our hearts" she emphasised. 

The groom, Charles, said, “I am happy for this marriage because we have many children. We really took it with joy.”

Charles and Jane have been blessed with seven children. They are living with four of their children after losing three others.

Fr Tom Poru Martin, who blessed the holy matrimony, warned Christians against divorcing after taking marriage vows in the church.

“Today, you have taken oaths in front of the church and Christians.  Do not spoil it ” he said.

Fr. Martin urged the couple to keep their marriage in love and have strong faith in God warning that there a lot of challenges in marriage today. "these challenges can be endured" he ecnouraged the couple.

Charles and Jane’s long awaited wedding was held at St. Daniel Comboni Chapel of Yei Catholic diocese, after a long delay because of ongoing insecurity in South Sudan, and particularly in Yei.

Hundreds of Christians attended the wedding ceremony at the church, after which a long procession of Christians went to the home of the bride and groom. To mark the joyous celebrations, there was singing, dancing and offering of gifts.

Asked how they have resisted forces that have led many others to divorce, Charles replied that, “Challenges are many, but understanding ourselves as partners is important. We understand ourselves better because we have so far stayed for 32 years in marriage.”

He said devoting marriage by way of holy matrimony strengthens it and encourages couples to focus their efforts on bringing up children in a responsible way.

Speaking during celebrations held at their home, Charles urged Christians to wed in the church and to live a holy life.


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