‘If you kill people, you are doing work of the devil,’ bishop tells Juba congregation

Justice, Peace & Reconciliation
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[Juba, South Sudan, RT] Bishop Isaiah Dau of the Pentecostal Church of Sudan warned South Sudanese people and politicians to stop all forms of violence in the country and embark peace, during a sermon on Saturday in Juba.

The church leader described all people who are killing including ‘unknown gunmen’ as doing the work of the devil. “Shedding blood is the work of the devil and anybody who is killing people is doing the work of the devil,” Dau told cheering congregation.

The church leader was speaking during a celebration of Christmas organized by the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Hai Jalaba in Juba on Saturday.

The Pentecostal Bishop pointed out that peace cannot come from the international bodies but it will only come from South Sudanese. He praised the international community for doing their best to bring peace to South Sudan but added that these bodies can’t bring peace.

“Peace is not a project that we write and approach donors to achieve,” Dau said.

The religious leader said that peace can only come to South Sudan if people reconcile to God and with one another. He said that South Sudan is sick and it needs peace.

“We are sick in our hearts,” he said.

The Pentecostal Bishop said the reason why peace is failing in South Sudan is because people are not reconciled with God first. “Men and women who do not have peace with God try to make peace that is why there is no peace,” Dau said.

Dau called upon the both the citizens and political leaders to reconcile among themselves. He said the problem of South Sudan is that people are not reconciled among themselves.

The presiding Bishop of Sudan’s Pentecostal Church pointed out that love of God is the medicine for tribalism of South Sudan.

Meanwhile, National Minister of Youth and Sport Dr. Nadia Arop called upon the churches to pray for peace in the country.

Deputy speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly Dr. Awien Mawien said that country was suffering because of the sins of the people of South Sudan.

“The situation we are facing now is not from God but it is because of our sins,” Mawien said.

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